Office partition wall re-invented

mellow designs created mellow wall™, an eco-friendly and cost-effective circular partition wall made from upcycled scaffolding and sustainable biomaterials, for Arup’s new office in Warsaw

mellow designs had the incredible opportunity to team up with Workplace, a research & design studio specializing in shaping tailor-made work environments, to design a truly circular partition wall for the global collective of designers, engineers, and sustainability consultants, Arup, in their new office in Warsaw.

The challenge was to create a sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to the traditional plaster partition walls while maintaining the same functionality. And so, mellow wall™ was born. 

mellow designs @ Arup new Office, Warsaw 2022

Our innovative solution replaced one of the conventional partition walls and offered a design for disassembly alternative.

mellow wall™ is constructed based on an upcycled scaffolding system, covered with interchangeable panels made from sustainable biomaterials such as hempcrete and eelgrass. The mellow wall™ can be disassembled in a matter of minutes, and the panels are fully compostable, leaving no waste behind and significantly reducing the CO2 impact.

Thanks to mellow designs’ solution, Arup new office in Warsaw now boasts a beautiful and functional circular partition wall that is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. mellow wall™ serves as a sustainable design inspiration, proving that circular economy principles can be implemented in any work environment.