mellow joint™


outdoor furniture with Euro Pallet connection system


music festivals, street food venues, expos, exhibitions, fairs, events


fast setup
zero waste solution
cost efficient


buy or rent long-term


mellow joint™ transforms idle Euro Pallets into versatile LEGO-like building blocks in minutes!


transformed Euro Pallets are used to build various temporary outdoor furniture and structures.
when they are no longer needed, Euro Pallets can return to their original circulation in logistics, without leaving any waste behind.


no additional tools and no special skills are required to pop-up anything from table to food stall

outdoor furniture use cases

various use cases

our customers – festivals and big events, accommodate large masses of people for a short period of time. they rely on temporary constructions and furniture that have a limited lifetime and often end up as waste after the event.

to reduce the amount of waste event organizers use costly rental solutions for tables and benches that put stress on transport logistics and emissions.

a common denominator for all big events is that they rely on delivery. most of those deliveries happen on Euro Pallets that are stocked during the event before returning to the logistics loop when it ends.

the connection system, mellow joint™, makes it possible to repurpose those idle Euro Pallets, already available at the event, into big outdoor furniture. with just a few clicks anything from benches or tables to walls, art installations, food stalls or pavilions can be built.

no tools or construction experience are needed.

we do not damage the Euro Pallets and the structures are easily disassembled allowing the Euro Pallets to return to their original circulation in logistics after use.

the mellow joint™ connection is a flexible system solution. it fits any Euro Pallet, and with our unique add-ons it is quick and easy to switch from one structure to another. this makes it possible to quickly adapt the setup to meet the varying needs throughout the event or festival. the same joint can be used for 15-20 years depending on its use (hundreds of use cases!), making it a well worth investment for the customer.