mellow sustainability consulting


from idea to market strategy and sustainable business solution



companies launching new products or service

festivals and companies that organize events


step-by-step action plan

advice based on hands-on EU market experience


90min workshop/ startup advisory

circular solutions, sustainable results


support in launching and rolling out new product or service with focus on sustainable business solution and circular economy



from startup, for start-ups. we are circular business practitioners with hands-on experience in designing, prototyping, producing, selling and scaling products that have circularity in their core



we offer a 90min interactive sparring workshop during which we focus on defining your business value proposition and concrete next steps on how to take your idea to the market. based on the workshop outcome we outline a bespoke product or service rollout strategy with framework and go-to-market plan

Why Us?

sustainable product rollout practitioners

we know how challenging it is to launch a new product. we did it. multiple times. now, we want to help you to succeed

circular economy trainspotters

our economy has to transform and become more circular. we are at the forefront of that change, and offer your product or service a circular competitive edge by design.


community driven professionals

what goes around, comes around. we believe that your success is contributing to our success. we started as a startup, and want to support entrepreneurs in the early stages of their journey. we offer 30 minutes of free idea sustainability consulting to any early-stage startup.