mellow consulting

In mellow consulting we provide guidance and support to businesses in transitioning towards a circular economy model. This involves identifying and implementing sustainable practices that reduce waste, maximize resource efficiency, and create value for both the company and the environment.

We help businesses optimize their processes, products, and services to create a closed-loop system where materials are reused, remanufactured, or recycled, thereby reducing their environmental footprint while creating economic opportunities.

Circular Solutions, Sustainable Results

Upon review of the challenge your business is facing, mellow designs leads a series of workshops. These workshops are designed to create a custom tailored solution for your business.

After that we discuss further execution of that solution as partners.

Why Us?

In mellow designs, we base our product development process on the following 5 steps:


1. Prioritize circularity in product development to ensure materials are utilized to their full potential and have a minimal environmental impact.


2. Engage with end users early in the design process to ensure products are designed with their needs in mind, generating tangible value for them.


3. Focus on challenges that have a global impact potential and are scalable across several countries to make a significant contribution to the circular economy transition.


4. Implement zero waste philosophy and circular principles to minimize waste and optimize resource utilization.


5. Continuously seek out opportunities to extend the life cycle of materials, thereby reducing their environmental impact.