distortion festival

Distortion Festival

We had an incredible time at Distortion Festival, one of Copenhagen’s most electrifying and innovative festivals. Known for its energetic street parties and cutting-edge music, Distortion transforms the city into a vibrant playground of sound and creativity.


The main challenge was to create temporary structures that would not only fit the dynamic and eclectic vibe of Distortion but also be quick to set up and take down. Additionally, these structures needed to provide comfort and functionality for festival-goers and blend seamlessly into the bustling atmosphere.


We brought some serious chill to the food & drink area🍻, creating a cozy hangout spot with our signature designs. We also crafted a bespoke DJ booth for one of the outdoor stages, adding our unique touch to the festival’s eclectic vibe. By using our mellow joint™ system and upcycled Euro Pallets, we ensured a quick and efficient setup and takedown process, while also maintaining an environmentally-conscious approach.


The event was fantastic, and the sunny weather made it even more enjoyable ☀️. Our structures provided a perfect space for relaxation and socializing, enhancing the overall festival experience. As always, our team ensured the Distortion production team had all the necessary instructions to set up and manage the structures, reflecting Mellow Designs’ commitment to exceptional client support and sustainability.