neon festival

Neon Festival

Our weekend in Norway was a dream! At the NEON Festival in Trondheim, our structures created the perfect chill area for people to relax. The event featured great music, excellent organization, and a strong focus on environmentally-conscious solutions.


The primary challenge was to provide temporary structures that were quick to set up and take down, while also being environmentally friendly and durable enough for multiple future festival editions. Additionally, we needed to ensure that the festival production team could easily assemble the structures using only provided manuals.


For the 2024 edition, we introduced several tables and structures, including a pavilion for their beer bar, all made from upcycled Euro Pallets. By selecting mellow joint™ and Euro Pallets, we achieved a significant reduction in set-up and take-down time. Our design team provided the NEON production team with comprehensive instructions, ensuring they became fully proficient with our mellow joint™ system.


The result was a series of temporary structures that not only met the environmental goals of the festival but also provided a durable solution for many future editions. Our support extended beyond the initial setup, reflecting our commitment to putting our clients first and offering additional consulting or support worldwide.