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What lessons have we learned from the National Climate Summit in adapting to climate change?

During the annual National Climate Summit, organized by Klimatorium – Danmarks Internationale Klimacenter, Lemvig Kommune, and Region Midtjylland, professionals across the sectors of energy, water, climate adaptation, and circular economy came together with top researchers and experts to show concrete paths towards adaptation to climate change. They came up with five recommendations for the UN Climate Change Conference, COP27.

Awareness must be followed up by decisive action – We are well past the point where only talking about reducing CO2 is no longer enough. We need to integrate adaptation, mitigation, and strengthening of political awareness. There needs to be communication and an exchange of knowledge.

Decision-making must be bold and research-based – To make sure that the political action is bold, there must be strong research to back it up.

Planning must be long-term – As existing governance and regulatory structures mostly focus on short-term solutions, a long-term perspective at all levels of policy must be incorporated to promote resilience in planning.

Financing models must be developed to move from plan to action – To mitigate financial constraints, we need to integrate adaptation into macro-level policy. There needs to be a concurrent involvement of the insurance sector, the public sector, and private funding, to have the necessary impact.

Co-creation must happen – A multi-sectoral approach has the potential to create better, cheaper, and more innovative solutions based on partnerships and co-creation.

At Mellow Designs, we work towards creating sustainable designs while keeping these challenges and lessons in mind. Over the past years, we have dedicated our time to researching the various adaptation issues and coming up with sustainable designs that have long-term implications and are financially feasible to implement. Our work spans across local communities, businesses, and individuals. To find out more, visit our website:

If you are interested in supporting our work then please click the link below and vote for us for the SDG Tech Awards, 2022:


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