the best small office space of the year 2023 according to FRAME magazine

mellow designs supported ARUP Warsaw office project to demonstrate how we can embed sustainable and circular solutions into workplace design.

during our collaboration with with workplace, an office design studio, we worked on designing a welcoming, collaborative, and sustainable office for ARUP a global sustainable development consultancy.

the problem was challenging – how to create a circular, sustainable built environment, which benefits people and doesn’t harm the planet?

our solution was replacing of a traditional partition wall with a mellow wall™ – a flexible and sustainable partition wall with a bio-material finish. mellow wall™ transforms idle scaffolding system into a structure of flexible partition walls. on top, there are finishing panels made out of bio-materials such as hempcrete, eelgrass or mycelium

mellow designs @ Arup office, Warsaw 2022
mellow designs @ Arup office, Warsaw 2022

as a result of joining forces with other sustainable solutions from companies such as Zero Waste Design, Qlab Laboratory of Light, Concession Europe, NAS-DRA Conscious Design, Impronta, Archi-tektura, Vetro Systems, Flokk, Vank, Spectra Lighting, Gomar Plus and Studio Tafla the 1800 m2 office space ended up with 90% of second-hand furniture and 25% savings from re-use.


guided by sustainable development, we focussed on re-use, upcycling and the use of biomaterials. The value that we created was highly appreciated by Arup, enabeling their employees to grow their business over the next 7 years, as well as FRAME magasine, who awarded the project with th best small office space of the year, or PLGBC which awarded the project with Green Building Awards 2023 in best sustainable interior design category.