circular lab 2023 mellow designs project panel

circular furniture for at Roskilde Festival 2023

yet another year when mellow designs supplied Circular Lab with circular pop-up structures for the Roskilde Festival 2023 by upcycling Euro Pallets with mellow joint™ system.

two main challenges to solve

mellow designs continues collaboration with Circular Lab, a leading circular economy laboratory project established by the Roskilde Festival and The Tuborg Foundation, to tackle the problem of waste generated by temporary pop-up structures at music festivals.

in 2023 on top of the two challenges, of reducing the environmental impact of waste while minimizing the financial burden for event organizers, we added one more – reduce pop-up and take-down time. with an upgraded version of mellow joint™ our Euro Pallet connection system, Roskilde Festival volunteers were able to pop up the indoor and outdoor area in hours!

mellow designs @ Circular Lab, Roskilde Festival 2023
mellow designs @ Circular Lab, Roskilde Festival 2023

solution and problem-solved

more than 40 stands for startups & chill-out area for all festival participants were created by upcycling 150+ Euro Pallets which were returned unharmed to their original circulation loop in the logistics industry after the festival.

our circular connection system provided Circular Lab with a unique temporary structures solution. No waste, and no additional tools or skills needed to pop up anything from table to food stall in minutes! We are looking forward to further contributing to Roskilde Festival transformation towards being a fully circular event in the future.