Circular foundations of foodsharing NGO​

mellow designs supported FællesSkabet i København in creation of a successful public community fridge in Copenhagen

mellow designs collaborated with Fællesskabet i København, also known as The Free Fridge Copenhagen, to create their first public community fridge in Copenhagen. The initiative aimed to tackle the issue of food waste and empower the local community by providing a space for unconditional food sharing.

We faced a unique challenge to design a structure that reflected the values of the initiative and empowered the circular economy. We solved this by using our innovative mellow joint™ system to upcycle old Euro Pallets and create a LEGO-like building block structure. The result was a truly circular booth that embodied the values of the Free Fridge.

mellow designs open fridge
mellow designs & The Open Fridge, Copenhagen 2020

The outcome was a remarkable success. The Free Fridge became an open public space that catered to anyone who needed food, regardless of their background or status. It broke down the centralized power structure of food redistribution and decentralized the process, making it more accessible to everyone. The mellow joint™ system was used to create a modular structure that could be easily modified, adapted, and expanded as needed.

Overall, mellow designs provided a valuable contribution to The Free Fridge initiative by designing and setting up a community fridge that aligned with the values of the project. Our innovative solution proved to be a game-changer and set an excellent example of how circular design can be a powerful tool to tackle societal issues.

Project website: https://madbroen.dk/faellesskabetkbh/