Grasp Festival in Roskilde: a mellow designs transformation

mellow designs happily collaborated with Grasp Festival in Roskilde, a dynamic event known for its innovative approach to the arts and culture. as the client, Grasp Festival sought a sustainable and circular solution for the creation of temporary structures, aiming to align their infrastructure with the principles of environmental consciousness.


the challenge at hand for Grasp Festival was to find a solution for temporary structures that not only met their functional requirements but also embodied sustainability. traditional construction methods often result in significant waste, contradicting the festival’s commitment to environmental responsibility. mellow designs stepped in to redefine the approach to temporary structures, seeking a solution that would be both functional and ecologically responsible.

our solution

mellow designs introduced the mellow joint™ system, providing a transformative solution for constructing temporary structures using Euro Pallets. This innovative system not only facilitated the rapid assembly and disassembly of structures but also allowed Euro Pallets to return to their original circulation in logistics when no longer needed. mellow joint™ became the backbone of circular, eco-friendly temporary structures, reducing waste and embracing a sustainable lifecycle for festival infrastructure.



mellow joint™ system not only met the festival’s immediate need for sustainable and circular temporary structures but also created lasting value by significantly reducing the environmental impact. Euro Pallets, once used for constructing temporary festival structures, seamlessly returned to their logistical circulation, leaving behind no waste. this innovative approach not only showcased mellow designs’ commitment to sustainable design but also set a new standard for environmentally conscious temporary structures at events like Grasp Festival in Roskilde.