Circular Solutions for a Municipality?​

mellow designs collaborated with Musicon Bydelen in Roskilde to seek more circular economy solutions for Danish municipalities

In the summer of 2019, mellow designs team was invited to participate in the Musicon Hackaton competition, where the goal was to create innovative solutions for circular economy in municipalities across Denmark. The challenge was to find a circular design that could provide value to the community and be sustainable at the same time.

Musicon Hackaton "Best Test Design Prize", Roskilde Festival 2019

Our project, the mellow pod™, was a breakthrough in this competition and received the “Best Test Design” award. This recognition encouraged us to explore more circular design opportunities with Musicon. That’s how we came up with the mellow joint™ system, a transformational temporary architecture that can turn old Euro Pallets into LEGO-like building blocks.

The first circular pavilion made with the mellow joint™ system was built and tested in Musicon. The pavilion showed the potential of upcycling Euro Pallets and inspired Musicon to look for more circular economy solutions. Our collaboration with Musicon allowed us to create a sustainable solution that has become an inspiration for the community and created value through our circular design.