parken festival

circular structures arrive to Norway!

mellow designs had the absolute pleasure of contributing towards transforming the Parken Festival in Bødo, Norway into becoming more circular with our mellow joint™ connection system.

outdoor furniture at the festival

Parken Festival organizers can proudly call themselves the first to implement our mellow joint™ Euro Pallet connection system in Norway. during the 2023 edition, they introduced several tables and structures such as a pavilion for their beer bar made out of upcycled Euro Pallets.


selecting mellow joint™ and Euro Pallets as the temporary structures solution resulted in significant set-up and take-down time reduction, as well as provided Parken with a long long-lasting solution for many more Festival editions to come.

mellow designs @ Parken Festival, Bødo 2023
mellow designs @ Parken Festival, Bødo 2023


all structures at Bødo were set up based only on our set-up manuals. our design team provided the Parken production team with all the necessary instructions to make them fully proficient with our mellow joint™ system. as mellow designs, we always put our clients in first place, and provide additional consulting or support worldwide.