mellow designs collaborated with Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food to create an event called Creative Circle that showcased their circular design and promoted sustainability through various workshops, talks, and music, with the participation of other startups and organizations

problem solving

The problem was clear – traditional ways of consuming and producing goods are not sustainable and have an adverse impact on our planet. In mellow designs we are determined to help solve this issue by introducing innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

At Creative Circle, we showcased our circular design, extending life, and recycling concepts through various workshops, talks, and music. From repairing clothes to making sustainable materials, the event provided a unique opportunity to explore the circular economy concept in an informal and engaging way.

mellow designs x Reffen @ Creative Circle, Copenhagen 2021


We were delighted to collaborate with other startups and organizations such as Repairfect, Von Linné, Globalhagen Hostel, Sustainable Wair, Anto Montiel, Little Pink Maker, OneBowl, BRØL, and PUUF. They contributed to the event’s success by hosting workshops, preparing snacks, showcasing upcycled drinks, and providing sustainable furniture.

The outcome of the event was inspiring – it demonstrated that a circular economy is not only possible but also practical and enjoyable. The participants learned how to reduce waste, upcycle materials, and extend the life of products, and left with a newfound appreciation for sustainable practices.

Creative Circle was a testament to mellow designs’ commitment to promoting the circular economy. We believe that events like this are essential to drive positive change and inspire people to take action.