Wellhigh Festival an amazing event at amazing Brønshøj Vandtårn

mellow designs revolutionized Wellhigh Festival with the mellow joint™ system, ensuring rapid, eco-friendly setup and takedown of temporary structures without any leftover waste.

mellow designs had the privilege of collaborating with Wellhigh Festival, an annual event known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse performances. as a client, they faced a common challenge inherent to such events: the need for quick and efficient temporary structures that align with the dynamic nature of festivals.



the primary challenge for the organizers was the swift setup and takedown of temporary structures essential for various festival activities. traditional construction methods often posed logistical challenges and generated significant waste, hindering the festival’s commitment to sustainability. mellow designs stepped in to revolutionize the setup process and minimize environmental impact.

mellow designs @ Wellhigh Festival, Copenhagen 2023
WellHigh Festival, Copenhagen, 2023
mellow designs @ Wellhigh Festival, Copenhagen 2023
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mellow designs introduced the mellow joint™ system, a solution that transformed Euro Pallets into versatile and efficient temporary structures. This system not only streamlined the setup process but also allowed for easy dismantling, reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with temporary structures. the mellow joint™ system showcased a commitment to sustainability by upcycling Euro Pallets, minimizing waste, and aligning with Wellhigh Festival’s values.

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Wellhigh Festival experienced a significantly faster setup and takedown of temporary structures, enhancing the overall efficiency of the event. the mellow joint™ system not only met the client’s need for speed but also contributed to a more sustainable festival environment. Importantly, there was zero waste left behind after the festival, aligning with Wellhigh’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.