How to make music festivals more circular?

mellow designs partnered with Circular Lab to create circular pop-up stands for the Roskilde Festival 2022, upcycling Euro Pallets and contributing to cost savings and  environmental impact reduction

mellow designs had the privilege of being chosen by Circular Lab, a leading circular economy laboratory project established by the Roskilde Festival and The Tuborg Foundation, to tackle the problem of waste generated by temporary pop-up furniture and small architecture in the events and festival industry.

The challenge was twofold: reduce the environmental impact of waste while minimizing the financial burden for event organizers. mellow designs set to work and made adaptations to the mellow joint™, an innovative temporary architecture system, to create circular pop-up stands for entrepreneurs testing their products or services at the 2022 edition of the Roskilde Festival. The outcome was a practical, elegant solution that not only reduced waste and costs but also enhanced the festival’s overall aesthetics.

mellow designs @ Circular Lab, Roskilde Festival 2022

Through the use of our system, Circular Lab was able to upcycle more than 100 Euro Pallets to create truly circular furniture for future festival editions. Additionally, our mellow joint™ system eliminated the waste issue by ensuring that all Euro Pallets used for building were returned unharmed to their original circulation loop in the logistics industry.

mellow designs’ innovative solution not only solved a common problem but also contributed to our client’s achievement of their circular economy goals. The outcome was significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and overall success at the event. We are proud to have partnered with Circular Lab and to have provided a solution that has revolutionized temporary pop-up furniture and small architecture at events and festivals.