Destination – 100% recycling. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

A world without waste, or more precisely, with waste, but recycled one hundred percent into new goods. Is it possible? Perhaps, but the condition necessary would be for the economy not to contain waste that cannot be recycled and is completely unprofitable. Recycling is one of the methods of environmental protection. Its aim is to […]

What lessons have we learned from the National Climate Summit in adapting to climate change?

Mellow Wall™ Materials

During the annual National Climate Summit, organized by Klimatorium – Danmarks Internationale Klimacenter, Lemvig Kommune, and Region Midtjylland, professionals across the sectors of energy, water, climate adaptation, and circular economy came together with top researchers and experts to show concrete paths towards adaptation to climate change. They came up with five recommendations for the UN […]

Is this the best time for innovators to get involved in tackling sustainability?

There is an increasing demand to lower carbon footprint across the globe. Now more than ever! We need to de-link economic growth from the use of finite natural resources. One way to do this is to move away from the traditional linear production-consumption model to a more circular economy model. This could be done by […]



Circular Solutions for a Municipality?​ mellow designs collaborated with Musicon Bydelen in Roskilde to seek more circular economy solutions for Danish municipalities In the summer of 2019, mellow designs team was invited to participate in the Musicon Hackaton competition, where the goal was to create innovative solutions for circular economy in municipalities across Denmark. The […]

Circular Lab

How to make music festivals more circular? mellow designs partnered with Circular Lab to create circular pop-up stands for the Roskilde Festival 2022, upcycling Euro Pallets and contributing to cost savings and  environmental impact reduction mellow designs had the privilege of being chosen by Circular Lab, a leading circular economy laboratory project established by the […]



Circular foundations of foodsharing NGO mellow designs supported FællesSkabet i København in creation of a successful public community fridge in Copenhagen mellow designs collaborated with Fællesskabet i København, also known as The Free Fridge Copenhagen, to create their first public community fridge in Copenhagen. The initiative aimed to tackle the issue of food waste and empower […]



Office partition wall re-invented mellow designs created mellow wall™, an eco-friendly and cost-effective circular partition wall made from upcycled scaffolding and sustainable biomaterials, for Arup’s new office in Warsaw mellow designs had the incredible opportunity to team up with Workplace, a research & design studio specializing in shaping tailor-made work environments, to design a truly […]



How can street food markets have more sustainable impact?​ mellow designs collaborated with Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food to create an event called Creative Circle that showcased their circular design and promoted sustainability through various workshops, talks, and music, with the participation of other startups and organizations mellow designs had the pleasure of collaborating with […]