copenhagen: an example of sustainable circular urbanism


Exploring Copenhagen’s Sustainable Circular Urbanism: A Model for the World Denmark has earned a reputation for being one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly countries in Europe, but only a few know the fact that further distinguishes this Scandinavian country. Its capital, Copenhagen, with approximately 800,000 inhabitants, is considered the prime example of circular urbanism […]

zero waste construction: insights from recent projects

festival furniture

Zero-Waste Construction: Pioneering Sustainability with mellow designs Introduction: Redefining Construction with Sustainability Sustainable development has become an imperative goal in today’s world, urging industries to rethink their practices for the betterment of the environment. In this pursuit, zero-waste construction has emerged as a guiding principle, revolutionizing traditional norms and fostering a culture of innovation within […]

exploring sustainable materials for festivals and offices

mellow joint

Exploring Sustainable Materials for Festivals and Offices Introduction: Embracing Sustainable Architecture In a world increasingly concerned with environmental impact, the demand for sustainable architecture continues to soar. Designers and builders are seeking innovative materials that not only meet aesthetic demands but also uphold ecological responsibility. At mellow designs, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s […]

climate action in Denmark

climate action denmark

Sustainable Skylines: mellow designs’ Climate-Conscious Solutions in Denmark and EU Introduction: Embracing Sustainability in Architecture In the face of climate change, countries worldwide are increasingly prioritizing sustainable practices to mitigate environmental impact. Denmark, renowned for its exemplary climate action, serves as a beacon of inspiration for sustainability initiatives globally. Within this landscape, we emerge as […]

sustainable architecture

mellow designs @ Parken Festival, Bødo 2023

Sustainable Sanctuaries: mellow designs’ Green Revolution! Exciting news! Let’s talk about how mellow designs with a sustainable architecture approach is changing the game in eco-friendly festivals and office designs with our signature mellow Touch.  Festival Vibes: Sustainable Architecture Eco Edition  Material Magic: mellow designs is all about that green life! Imagine festival walls made from […]

pop-up architecture

outdoor furniture

Exploring the Synergy of Pop-Up Architecture and Sustainability Introduction In recent years, pop-up architecture has emerged as a dynamic solution to various urban challenges, showcasing remarkable adaptability and innovation. This article delves into the significance of pop-up architecture, extending beyond its temporary nature, with a particular emphasis on sustainability. What the pop-up architecture mean? It […]

sustainable architecture and circular economy


Sustainable Architecture and Circular Economy​ Introduction to the Climate Crisis and Architecture The climate crisis poses unprecedented challenges to various sectors, including architecture. As the world grapples with rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and dwindling resources, the architectural realm finds itself at a crossroads. Traditional practices, characterized by linear consumption and waste patterns, are no […]



Grasp Festival in Roskilde: a mellow designs transformation mellow designs happily collaborated with Grasp Festival in Roskilde, a dynamic event known for its innovative approach to the arts and culture. as the client, Grasp Festival sought a sustainable and circular solution for the creation of temporary structures, aiming to align their infrastructure with the principles […]


Wellhigh Festival an amazing event at amazing Brønshøj Vandtårn mellow designs revolutionized Wellhigh Festival with the mellow joint™ system, ensuring rapid, eco-friendly setup and takedown of temporary structures without any leftover waste. mellow designs had the privilege of collaborating with Wellhigh Festival, an annual event known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse performances. as […]


parken festival

circular structures arrive to Norway! mellow designs had the absolute pleasure of contributing towards transforming the Parken Festival in Bødo, Norway into becoming more circular with our mellow joint™ connection system. outdoor furniture at the festival Parken Festival organizers can proudly call themselves the first to implement our mellow joint™ Euro Pallet connection system in […]