Grasp Festival in Roskilde: a mellow designs transformation mellow designs happily collaborated with Grasp Festival in Roskilde, a dynamic event known for its innovative approach to the arts and culture. as the client, Grasp Festival sought a sustainable and circular solution for the creation of temporary structures, aiming to align their infrastructure with the principles […]


Wellhigh Festival an amazing event at amazing Brønshøj Vandtårn mellow designs revolutionized Wellhigh Festival with the mellow joint™ system, ensuring rapid, eco-friendly setup and takedown of temporary structures without any leftover waste. mellow designs had the privilege of collaborating with Wellhigh Festival, an annual event known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse performances. as a […]


parken festival

circular structures arrive to Norway! mellow designs had the absolute pleasure of contributing towards transforming the Parken Festival in Bødo, Norway into becoming more circular with our mellow joint™ connection system. outdoor furniture at the festival Parken Festival organizers can proudly call themselves the first to implement our mellow joint™ Euro Pallet connection system in […]

Circular Lab 2023

circular lab 2023 mellow designs project panel

circular furniture for at Roskilde Festival 2023 yet another year when mellow designs supplied Circular Lab with circular pop-up structures for the Roskilde Festival 2023 by upcycling Euro Pallets with mellow joint™ system. two main challenges to solve mellow designs continues collaboration with Circular Lab, a leading circular economy laboratory project established by the Roskilde […]


the best small office space of the year 2023 according to FRAME magazine mellow designs supported ARUP Warsaw office project to demonstrate how we can embed sustainable and circular solutions into workplace design. during our collaboration with with workplace, an office design studio, we worked on designing a welcoming, collaborative, and sustainable office for ARUP […]


Circular foundations of foodsharing NGO​ mellow designs supported FællesSkabet i København in creation of a successful public community fridge in Copenhagen mellow designs collaborated with Fællesskabet i København, also known as The Free Fridge Copenhagen, to create their first public community fridge in Copenhagen. The initiative aimed to tackle the issue of food waste and empower […]



Reffen mellow designs collaborated with Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food to create an event called Creative Circle that showcased their circular design and promoted sustainability through various workshops, talks, and music, with the participation of other startups and organizations problem solving The problem was clear – traditional ways of consuming and producing goods are not […]

Circular Lab 2022

How to make music festivals more circular? mellow designs partnered with Circular Lab to create circular pop-up stands for the Roskilde Festival 2022, upcycling Euro Pallets and contributing to cost savings and  environmental impact reduction mellow designs had the privilege of being chosen by Circular Lab, a leading circular economy laboratory project established by the […]



Circular Solutions for a Municipality?​ mellow designs collaborated with Musicon Bydelen in Roskilde to seek more circular economy solutions for Danish municipalities In the summer of 2019, mellow designs team was invited to participate in the Musicon Hackaton competition, where the goal was to create innovative solutions for circular economy in municipalities across Denmark. The […]